10 Movie Scenes to Recreate

Bring new life to these famous feasts and foods of the silver screen by recreating them at home

When hosting friends at home, dinner and a movie is a classic combination. Try turning it up a notch and host a dinner party, modeled after scenes in several iconic movies. Remember when the pups of Lady and the Tramp shared a romantic plate of spaghetti? And how you had to stop yourself from swooning when, in 9 ½ Weeks, Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger turned up the heat in the kitchen? Many movie scenes should remain on the silver screen, yet there are so many more great ones worth recreating in your own living room. If dinner parties can inspire films, can't films inspire dinner parties, too?

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Movie magic has entranced us since the first motion pictures were introduced in the late 1800s. From grainy films and silent movie stars, movies evolved into pictures that speak and now into 3-D wonders. Since the invention of the film reel it seems, food has played a starring role in many movies, from raw ingredients like the lobster in Julie and Julia to the decadent spread of sweets in Marie Antoinette. Whether used as symbolism or as a vehicle for a cheap laugh, food is a key ingredient in making movies relatable. What better way to pay homage to the scenes we love most than recreating them?

Granted, enjoying a sliver of your own brain à la Hannibal or murdering someone at the table as in The Godfather may not be the best way to relish in cinematic glory, but there are ways to pay tribute to these memorable scenes. Cook up some aphrodisiac delights for a saucy tribute to When Harry Met Sally or put out a spread of amazing sliders in honor of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Admittedly, this list could be days long, full of beloved dinner scenes in movies. Which famous (or infamous) scenes inspire you to host a dinner this weekend?

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