Famous Food Scenes From the Movies

Draw dinner-party inspiration from these 6 iconic films

There are a number of dinner parties that have inspired movies — take, for example, the feast in Switzerland that inspired Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Or perhaps the dinners Julie Powell created in her small Queens apartment in Julie and Julia. Yet, movies can inspire dinner parties, too, be it a casual meal with steak and boozy milkshakes inspired by Pulp Fiction, or a meal hosted by multiple personalities á la Mrs. Doubtfire (just don't catch your chest on fire.)

Here are six of our favorite films, fit for a party:


Mrs. Doubtfire

Can you tend to multiple pots and pans on the stove without burning your bosom? All you need is a pinch of basil, right?


The Godfather

All you need is a bottle of chianti, a dark room, and a dark suit. (No murder required.)


When Harry Met Sally

Can you make sandwiches that good?



Liquefied garlic, thanks to a razor blade? Guess you can learn some pretty good tricks in jail…


Pulp Fiction

For $5, that shake ought to have bourbon in it, indeed.


Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts can tell us all a thing or two about how to behave when dining out — but for your guests' sake, perhaps leave the escargot off the menu.