10 Movie Scenes to Recreate Slideshow

The Godfather: Louis' Italian-American Restaurant Scene

Though shrouded in Italian and tension, the classic scene where Michael Corleone avenges his father's attempted murders is an iconic moment in The Godfather trilogy. While we certainly don't want you to relive this scene by putting a bullet through your guests, an Italian-inspired dinner may be the perfect way to recreate this classic.

Set the mood with stringy instrumental tunes straight out of a Roman trattoria, a familiar red-checked tablecloth, and dine by candlelight. Don't forget to ask guests to show up in their finest suits and ready to do their best impressions. It's an offer they can't refuse.

When Harry Met Sally: Faking an Orgasm

What woman didn't practically sing with vindication when Meg Ryan schooled unsuspecting Billy Crystal in the art of faking an orgasm in When Harry Met Sally? Though they may have been chowing down on sandwiches at the time, recreating this scene can be a fun, quirky and daringly sensual meal.

Prove that men and women can be friends and invite a paired-off group of dinner guests to come over and start the evening off with some daring adult board games and risqué cocktails — like a Ruby Slipper — to turn up the heat. Then, ease into serving something from a sexy menu, like foods known to be aphrodisiacs. The group will surely fall in love... with the night, that is!

Mrs. Doubtfire: A Pinch of Basil...

There are so many memorable food scenes this classic film. Who could forget Robin Williams setting his prosthetic breasts ablaze in his first attempt to cook a family dinner, or losing his teeth in a glass of wine?

Bring one of our favorite scenes to life by inviting guests over for a "takeout" buffet in honor of Mrs. Doubtfire's uncanny resourcefulness. Rather cook something yourself? Host an allergy-free shindig in honor of Pierce Brosnan's brush with death. Either way, get your guests in the spirit by having them arrive in their best old lady costumes — or perhaps as one of the many characters Robin Williams takes on in that makeover scene.

Animal House: Food FIIIIIIIIIGHT!

The late comedic genius John Belushi is the endearingly disgusting frat boy you sort of wish you knew. Popping food zits at the table is still a big no-no, but there is a way to enjoy your favorite college eats without staining your clothes.

Orchestrate a potluck supper and have guests each bring their favorite college dish (and yes, a vat of ramen noodles is totally acceptable). Dress with pride, donning your ratty college sweatshirt and then get ready to spend the evening doing keg stands at a party that would do the boys of Animal House proud.  

Goodfellas: Dining in Prison

You don't want to take a cue from their habits, but the guys from Goodfellas knew a thing or two about food — even when doing time in the joint. A bottle of red and a bottle of white alongside a fine steak dinner would be a nice homage to the infamous wise guys. Try cooking a meal with friends, wearing sharp suits and fine fur coats (or faux ones). No trip to the slammer (and the requisite garb) required.

Pulp Fiction: A Crazy Diner Experience

Ever have to take your drug lord boss’s wife to dinner and restart her heart after a heroin overdose? Despite the catastrophic and downright frightening situations director Quentin Tarantino puts his characters in, everybody secretly yearns to be cool enough to pull through one of his insane circumstances.

Uma Thurman and John Travolta's Jack Rabbit Slim’s diner experience is one that would be easy to recreate and won't endanger your life. Set the bar high by serving guests the best alcoholic milkshake your blender can whip up. Put some '50s swing music on your record player (or iPod) and twist the night away with friends in poodle skirts and Buddy Holly glasses.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle: Sweet Slider Salvation

After a night of riding tigers, dueling defecating hotties, and a crazy ride with Neil Patrick Harris, to say that Harold and Kumar earned their 50 sliders of heaven is an understatement.

Revel in the glory of the mini-burger by buying out your supermarker's frozen selection of White Castle burgers, or be adventurous and set up a build-your-own slider spread to share with friends. Round it  with a Battleship tournament and plenty of Bob Marley!

Hannibal: Brains, Anyone?

OK, it’s in bad taste to cook the innards of your very alive guests and then feed it to them, but putting their taste buds to the test is acceptable. There are plenty of dishes you can serve that you probably didn't know were edible (and tasty, too). Or, try some grossly gruesome dishes that don't taste nearly as bad as they look. They might be too plain for Hannibal's taste, but it will be an interesting night to remember for your loved ones.

Pretty Woman: Dining 101

Despite being food lovers, many of us, much like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, are not familiar with the proper way to eat a full-course fancy meal. Navigating a place setting can be pretty tricky business, so why not host a meal where an intimate group can learn the ins and outs of fancy dining with little to no embarrassment (miniskirts and thigh-high boots optional)? Pop the champagne! Perfecting your party-planning abilities sounds like a fabulous tribute to the main character of this heartwarming tale of romance.

Beetlejuice: Dinner Party to Die For

One of the most fun dinner scenes to recreate would have to be the famous dinner scene in Beetlejuice. Though employing poltergeists as party coordinators would be a challenge, serving delicious island food against a creepy backdrop will suffice. Have guests dress in Tim Burton-esque attire, add some Henry Belafonte, and you'll have yourself a party fit for the netherworld!