10 Countries Where You'll Never Find A McDonald's

It's hard to think of a country in the world where you'd be surprised to see a McDonald's restaurant, or at least a drive-through offering. The fast food giant is currently listed in 119 countries around the world with more than 36,000 restaurants, according to the company website. Combined, these establishments serve an estimated 75 hamburgers every second. That's a lot of hamburgers.

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You can find McDonald's in some pretty far out locations: next to Cuba's Guantanamo Bay prison, in the middle of the Negev Desert in Israel, beneath the Museum of Communism in Prague, and even inside an old grounded airplane in New Zealand. In China, McDonald's even changed its name to something more unique for customers.

But still, McDonald's isn't everywhere. There are scores of countries around the world (mostly in Africa and Central Asia) where the Golden Arches have yet to set up shop. Then there are some countries that have outright banned the food company from entering their borders altogether.

Then there are countries that, after resisting McDonald's best courting rituals for years, finally gave in and let the conglomerate in. However, some nations have some strong reasons to hold out. In these countries, you'll never find a McDonald's.

Serusha Govender contributed to this story.