golden arches

McDonald’s Has Changed Its Name in China to 'Golden Arches'

Whatever they call it, we’ll still want to eat it

According to CNN Money, McDonald’s locations in China have officially changed their name to Golden Arches. The moniker is in reference to large yellow M in the McDonald’s logo, and the term has been used for ages to refer to the chain.

 A McDonald’s spokesperson told the news outlet that the name change from Maidanglao, a loose transliteration of the English name McDonald’s, to Jingongmen, meaning Golden Arches, will only apply to the fast food giant’s business registration and that the branding will stay the same.

The name change has occurred after McDonald’s U.S. parent firm sold most of its Chinese businesses to a Chinese consortium. The chain is reportedly attempting to open even more stores in China and South Korea.

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Chinese McDonald’s locations are not the only brand that is called something else outside of the States. There are at least 10 food and drinks brands that are called something totally different abroad.