Giant Fried Rice Bowl Loses Guinness Bid for Being Wasteful

Guinness reportedly says giant food records cannot be wasteful
Fried rice


Yangzhou's four tons of fried rice lost the Guinness World Record after officials discovered some of the food had been wasted. 

The city of Yangzhou, China, is experiencing some bitter disappointment this week after going for a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest bowl of fried rice and losing out after Guinness officials discovered some of the rice had been wasted.

According to China Daily, 300 residents of Yangzhou cooked nearly four and a half tons of fried rice this week in an attempt to break the record. They would have done so, except that 330 pounds of rice was reportedly fed to pigs instead of people after the rice was cooked.

"The organizer admitted that 150 kilograms of the rice was handled improperly," said Guinness’ Sharon Yang to China Daily. "The products created in any record attempt involving food must be given to people and not wasted. Hereby, we have notified the organizer that the record was revoked."

Using the rice as pig feed might not technically be wasting it, but Guinness’ rules are apparently very strict about what happens to food used in pursuit of records, and the food must be eaten by humans, not pigs. If their spirits have not been too crushed by the disappointment, the citizens of Yangzhou can always try again.

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