Chinese City Courts World Record with Giant Crab Pot

A city in China wants to set a record with its giant pot of steamed crabs


A city in China created what is quite likely the world's biggest pot of steamed crabs.

Panjin city in China’s Liaoning Province set off its annual crab-eating season this weekend with a pot of steamed crabs so big that everyone in town could have enough crab to last until next year.

According to Shanghaiist, Panjin city made a giant pot to steam crabs so they could shoot for a Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest pot of steamed crabs. The special pot was reportedly more 21 feet wide and nearly five feet deep and was fitted with a giant lid and steamer insert that held hundreds and hundreds of live crabs. Well, they were alive for a little while. After they were steamed, they were dished out with tongs to the hundreds of gawkers who came to see the world’s biggest pot of steamed crabs.


All told, the pot full of steamed crabs weighed a reported six tons, which certainly seems like it should be big enough to take the record for world’s biggest pot of steamed crabs, particularly because it does not seem like there would be a lot of competition for that particular title.