French Chef Arrested for Cooking Dogs

The chef had reportedly killed and eaten at least two dogs
Wikimedia/Janneke Vreugdenhil

A French chef was arrested for allegedly cooking and eating at least two dogs.

Dog meat is a delicacy in some places, but Paris is not one of them, as one French chef discovered recently when he was arrested for slaughtering and cooking dogs at his apartment.

According to The Local, the 25-year-old suspect worked as a chef in the suburbs of Paris. In his spare time, his hobbies allegedly included experimenting with unusual ingredients, like dog. The caretaker of the man’s apartment complex notified police when he discovered the mutilated body of a German shepherd in the trash, and later a border collie was discovered in the same state. Police say autopsies of the border collie revealed it was slaughtered for food.

“The autopsy leaves little doubt as to the reason for the cuts,” said Stéphane Lamart, President of the French animal rights association.  "Someone who wantonly attacks a dog doesn't do it like that.”

Police found the dogs’ previous owners thanks to microchips in the dogs’ bodies. One owner told police she had sold the pet to a man on the Internet. 


Eating dog meat is not illegal in France, but there are strict regulations covering how and where animals are slaughtered for food. The chef faces charges of animal cruelty and is currently being held at a psychiatric hospital.