Woman Confesses to Hiding Body in Ice Cream Shop

A woman told police she’d killed a man and hidden his body in an ice cream shop
Strawberry ice cream

Wikimedia/Lotus Head

A woman in Spain approached police over the weekend and confessed to murdering a seemingly random man and hiding his body in the freezer of her ice cream parlor.

Spanish police were bewildered Saturday night when a seemingly intoxicated woman came to the police station and said she wanted to confess to killing a man and hiding his body in the freezer of her ice cream shop. They were even more stunned when they investigated her claims and discovered they were true.

According to The Local, the woman approached the police station in Dos Hermanas, near Seville, and confessed to the killing. She said she had murdered a man and hidden his corpse in the freezer of an ice cream parlor. When police investigated the Heladería Otoño ice cream shop, they discovered that there was indeed a human body hidden in the freezer amongst all the ice cream.

The victim is allegedly a 62-year-old father of five who had been missing for 24 hours when the woman confessed to the crime. Police say the victim and the alleged killer have no apparent connection and do not seem to have known each other at all.


Police are currently investigating the crime and trying to figure out a possible motive for her having killed the man, but she has allegedly offered none. She was, however, immediately arrested and charged with murder as soon as the police found the body in the freezer.