Woman Who Poisoned Her Son with Salt is Found Guilty of Murder

A woman has been charged with second degree murder for poisoning her son with deadly levels of sodium

Spears faces a potential sentence of 25 years to life. 

Lacey Spears, the woman accused of introducing lethal levels of salt into her son’s feeding tube, has been found guilty of second degree murder, according to Lohud.

Prosecutors argued that in the case of the death of Spears’ son, five-year-old Garnett Spears, the introduction of salt into the young boy’s diet must have been deliberate, and was meant to attract attention.

Her behavior, the court alleged, was “nothing short of torture.”

Lacey Spears, who carefully chronicled her son’s health problems in a blog and on Facebook, reportedly detailed 23 trips to the hospital in a single year.

Spears’ sentence, which carries a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 25 years to life, will take place on April 8. Westchester County district attorney Janet DiFiore announced that her office would request the maximum penalty.

A lawyer for Spears, who called the boy’s death a “mystery,” announced that his client would appeal the verdict.


"We are very confident this conviction will be upheld," DiFiore said.