Wolfgang Puck Shares His Favorite California Wine

The chef pairs bold wines with his bold-flavored food
Wolfgang Puck
The Daily Meal/ Ali Rosen

Wolfgang Puck

At Wolfgang Puck's dinner in Atlantic City (to celebrate his James Beard lifetime achievement award), the chef shared with The Daily Meal's Ali Rosen why he loves Californian wines so much: they go with his bold choice in food. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they're in his own backyard. "We have some of the greatest wines in the world here," he says. "Thirty years ago in Napa there were about 35 to 40 wineries; today we have 300. The wine has really come of age with the food." So what kind of wine profile does the chef look for when pairing with his own meals? Anything with bold flavors, as the flavors he creates in his meals are also big and loud. Puck says he also looks to local wineries to pair with his locally sourced ingredients. Check out Wolfgang Puck's thoughts on wine pairings, plus how he serves President Obama.