Wine Milkshakes Come to LA Burger Chain

Would you try this high class boozy shake?

Wine and ice cream, frosty cocktails, and creamy white Russians have all made their appearances in America’s summer drinking repertoire.  Now, there’s a new cocktail that wants to win you over: the wine milkshake.  This isn’t your normal, plain jane shake.

The Counter burger joint in LA just announced its new wine milkshakes that will come in three flavors inspired by classic desserts. There’s a pinot noir and cherry one, made with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, a sweet white wine one, paired with peaches and vanilla ice cream, and a white wine one with orange juice and vanilla ice cream.  These creations may seem odd, but remember that wine and dairy are long time companions.  Afterall, the wine and cheese plate is always a welcome addition to the dinner table; maybe the wine milkshake will become an omnipresent force at the burger joint.  It’s the summery way to have your black forest cake, peaches and cream crumble or creamsicle with an adult twist.  

If you’re now eager to try a wineshake, head over to a The Counter burger outpost in California's Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Century City, Toluca Lake, or El Segundo. Can’t make it to LA? With wine and ice cream popping up on the frosty cocktail radar this summer, it’s only a matter of time before these drinks are available around the country.