Cool Down With a Wine and Ice Cream Float

A North Carolina winery is trying to popularize this boozy, frosty drink

Summer 2012 is already turning out to be a scorcher. Though the high temperatures may tempt you to swap happy hour for an ice cream party, now you don’t have to choose. Faldery Winery in North Carolina is introducing wine and ice cream floats, so you can keep cool this summer while continuing to sip on your favorite wine. To convince the skeptics, they’re holding a tasting night, called Winescream, on July 20th — so you can decide for yourself whether or not wine floats will be popping up at ice cream parlours around America.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to enjoy your pinot grigio with a scoop of cookie-dough ice cream. The offerings have been chosen carefully by the winery, so you don’t have to worry about selecting the right (or wrong) ice cream and wine float. (Because cookie dough ice cream probably doesn’t pair that well with any wine.)

Faldery has chosen to highlight their dessert wines and Kilwins, a producer of nostalgia style sweets, will be choosing the ice cream. To ensure that customers can taste the full bouquet of ice cream and wine pairings, there will be five different selections for customers looking to cool off (and drink).

Will this summer's anthem be "I scream, you scream, we all scream for winescream" ? If the temperatures continue to rise, we very well may be. Hey, if boozy ice pops can work, we're down for a wine and ice cream float.