WhyNot Coffee

This coffee place is more than just great coffee and croissants
Whynot Coffee

Check out Whynot Coffee, located on corner of Christopher and Gay Street.

Located on the corner of Christopher and Gay Street in Manhattan’s West Village, Whynot Coffee is one of the most welcoming coffee shops I’ve ever been in. Forget Starbucks, and other coffee and teashops; this Parisian themed coffee haven has a unique ambiance that keeps customers coming back.

Though the place is not spacious, the big open windows make customers feel welcomed. With the occasional fall breeze and sight of warming fall colors, the paintings on the wall and record player with various music offers and  a noticeable calmness in the establishment feeling of calmness you notice instantly.

Whynot is now serving Blue Bottle Coffee and croissants from Mille-Feuille Bakery, which makes the shop a desirable destination for coffee lovers and baked goods conessuires alike. Regular coffee and iced lattes are among the more popular items, and the almond croissant is a customer favorite as well. Prior to making the switch, both product brands were carried out by a blind test among patrons. 

From the coffee drinker on the go or the studious patrons on their computers for hours, Whynot takes good care of their customers.

Dina, a publicistfor Whynot Coffee, said they can thank their baristas for their attention to customer service, who take care of everyone, not just the regulars.

From the other thousands of coffee shops in New York, Dina believes what separates them is because it is “so welcoming and warm with the open windows, the atmosphere.” Whynot Coffee is “an extension of their second home.” The location or neighborhood is what influenced Whynot’s theme. 

On October 1st, they began serving their famous delicate pastries“without butter, hormones, almost 100% gluten free.”

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There will also be a Whynot Wine launching today, Oct. 2, that will establish a more romantic vibe.