White House Will Release Homebrew Recipe (If You Sign the Petition)


Obama will release his recipe for his homebrew beers should a petition get enough signatures.

There's still hope for homebrewers dying to get their hands on President Obama's homebrew recipe, that is, if you sign the petition.

White House press secretary Jay Carney tweeted last night that should the official White House petition get enough signatures, he will release the recipe to President Obama's beer. "Got a Q today on @wethepeople petition asking us to share WH beer recipe: http://wh.gov/4y9b If it reaches the threshold, we'll release it," he tweeted to the masses. Naturally, beer lovers everywhere are super stoked about this. Said one tweep, @xopherFL, back to Carney, "and that just guaranteed it will reach the threshold."

As of Friday afternoon, the petition still has a mere 5,019 signatures of the 25,000 it needs before Sept. 17 (when the petition closes). The clock is ticking, homebrewers: get on it. 


(Photo Beer Project Modified: Flickr/Tim Patterson/CC 4.0)