Which Baseball Stadium Sells the Most Expensive Beer?

Numbers are shaky, but no matter where you are, it isn't cheap

We know the best stadiums to grab a bite at, but the real question remains: where can you get your drink on for less? New reports today have iffy numbers, but show that drinking beer at the baseball stadium isn't cheap.

Thestreet.com published its own report today, claiming that the home of the Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park, stole the plate with the most expensive beer at $8.75 for a 20-ounce beer. The number one pick has since been corrected, as Comerica Park responded to the article. The Detroit News reports that their beers range from $5 for 12 ounces or $6.50 for 16 ounces (there's no 20-ounce offering).

So where is the truly most expensive brew at the ball game? Reports differ; Thestreet.com's second (albeit slightly suspicous) pick was the Philadelphia Phillies stadium, the Citizen Bank Stadium with $7.75 small drafts. However, another report from SaveOnBrew.com reports that the most expensive is actually Fenway Park, home to the Red Sox. There, it's $7.25 for 12 ounces — that's $0.60 per ounce. The real problem is that beer prices everywhere have risen, according to SaveOnBrew; the average price for a beer nationwide is $6.71 for 15.21 ounces. Ouch.

The rising prices have naturally spurred some strong words from beer lovers; says SaveOnBrew co-founder Greg Thibodeaux in a press release, "This War on Beer has got to stop." He continues, "Look, we’re with Red Sox Pitcher Jon Lester when he said, 'Beer has been a part of baseball forever.' It’s truly a bummer that even the Milwaukee Brewers have banned beer in their clubhouse now and that the Red Sox fans are getting almost as screwed as the poor players who are living under Prohibition rules!"

Baseball fans looking to save a buck, better start rooting for the Diamondbacks, Rockies, and Angels: the cheapest beers at the teams' stadiums range from about $4 to $5.50. We can root for the home team for those kind of prices.