15 Craziest Stadium Foods

From triple-pork poutine to a mountain of nachos in a helmet, these stadium eats are competing for fans, too

Ballpark fare has been more than peanuts and Cracker Jacks for some time now. But the world of stadium foods is reaching its boiling point, and teams and stadiums are seemingly competing against each other to see who can concoct the craziest eats. They’ve let their imaginations run wild, topping old standbys with all kinds of new additions and making ballpark classics look like they’re on steroids. It's undeniable that stadium food is taking on a whole new role in sports — fans are seeking out these crazy eats mid-game, and even going to watch another team play just to get a taste of that stadium’s signature snack.

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Some, or most, of these wild foodstuffs sound more like a challenge on Man v. Food than easily ignored sideline snacks. Whether it’s because of regional delicacies, like Rocky Mountain oysters at Coors Field, or typical ballpark dishes with new twists, like the Frito Pie Dog at Wrigley Field, stadiums and fans alike are focusing more on crazy, sport-inspired fun than any kind of restrained fandom. Not to mention, a few boring innings can easily be cured by the Big Boomer, a 1-pound hot dog smothered in toppings, or a 5-pound burger topped with salsa, chips, and chili.


It once was common to take a road trip following a team around the country or visit as many baseball stadiums as possible in one go, but we have a good feeling that these eats will start inspiring road trips of their own. So whether you’re loyal to the home team or are a fair-weather fan (read: snack hound), these are the ballpark eats that caught our eye for being among the wildest, most imaginative, most fun to eat, and likely worst for you dishes out there. Whatever you do, don’t start counting those calories now — you have a ballgame to eat at.