Where in the World Is… This Strange Foodstuff From?

Think you can guess where this week’s travel photo comes from?

Take a good look at this week’s travel photo. Think you know where it’s from? Are you sure? We’ll give you a hint, but make sure to put any and all guesses in the comments below (or on Facebook). The answer will be revealed next Friday.

Hint: This skewered sweet is only found on the left coast, and only if you’re really, really patient.

We’re also here to reveal last week’s mystery photo! It is from the Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant at the Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort in the Philippines.

Think you have a great travel food photo that could stump us all? Upload it to Flickr (and tag us at The Daily Meal) and if it’s really tough, we’ll post it in a story like this one.