When Is Passover 2018?

The Passover meal is a special time in every Jewish household. It is the time of year when loved ones gather around the table to join in a Seder meal that is full of rituals, prayers, and delicious Passover recipes.

Commemorating the story of Exodus from Egypt, this holiday lasts a week long. The traditions and foods served all symbolize something significant from the biblical story of Passover, told at every Seder around the world. As a sign of sacrifice and to commemorate ancestors who, according to the story, baked bread without yeast on hot desert stones, those celebrating Passover often give up leavened bread during this time. Of course, there is plenty of wine passed around and an abundance of storytelling, quality time with family, and overall joy. Who needs leavened bread to have a good time?

Though full of ritualistic tradition, the actual dates of Passover change every year. The Jewish calendar follows the creationist belief that God made the "evening and the morning" the first day, meaning it cycles with the moon. As lunar cycles change, so does the Jewish calendar.

This year, Passover begins on March 30 and ends on April 7.

But don't worry: we have everything you need to plan your Passover feast. Gather some delicious recipes to make with matzo, and be sure the matzo you do buy is kosher for Passover. Keeping kosher doesn't have to be boring when you have incredible Passover-friendly meals. Tell your family and friends all about your own Passover traditions and learn a few of the unique customs of celebrations around the world

Throwing a seder? No problem. We have a full list of must-haves for every traditional Passover feast, as well as the Passover-friendly desserts your Seder can't do without. And, though we hope you won't need to use them, we have some tips and tricks for conquering even the most devastating Passover Seder emergencies. You could even prepare a full feast using only your slow-cooker

From Passover menus and party ideas to the best Passover dinner and Seder recipes, we've got you covered. Find all this and more on The Daily Meal's Passover Recipes & Menus Page.

Holly Van Hare and Lauren Gordon contributed to this report.