Kitchen Solutions: Easter and Passover Emergencies Slideshow

Pantry alternatives for averting an Easter or Passover kitchen crisis

If You Don't Have: Bitter Herbs (or Horseradish)

Emergency Solution: Wasabi

The traditional Passover Seder Plate calls for a spoonful of bitter herbs, or horseradish, but in a pinch wasabi will do the trick instead. 

If You Don't Have: Charoset

Emergency Solution: Trail Mix

Charoset, a key ingredient of a Passover Seder, is typically made with chopped nuts, apples, spices, and sweet wine. If you're in a bind, serve your favorite trail mix on your Seder Plate in place of Charoset. 

If You Don't Have: Parsley

Emergency Solution: Cilantro

Another prime element of the Passover Seder Plate is fresh parsley for dipping in salt water. If you don't have any parsley on hand, use cilantro or any other fresh green herbs you have in your fridge. 

If You Don't Have: Gefilte Fish


Emergency Solution: Use the Jarred Variety

While Passover is a holiday steeped in maintaining tradition, our busy lives often leave us with little time to make every dish from scratch. When it comes to gefilte fish, buying the jarred variety (which is produced by a handful of kosher brands) is an easy fix. Try dressing up your Passover appetizer by serving the fish on top of a simple green salad. 

If You Don't Have: Chicken Soup


Emergency Solution: Any Store-Bought Broth

A Seder just isn't the same without matzoh ball soup, so if you're in a time pinch and you forgot to make the soup from scratch, substitute by boiling homemade matzoh balls in your favorite brand of chicken broth instead. 

If You Don't Have: Leg of Lamb

Maryse Chevriere

Emergency Solution: Lamb Chops

It is widely popular to serve a leg of lamb as the main dish for an Easter meal, which means that finding one last minute could be nearly impossible. If you're stuck without a leg of lamb, reach for lamb chops as a more readily available option. 

If You Don't Have: Rosemary


Emergency Solution: Garlic and Dried Herbs

Rosemary is a classic pairing for lamb, but if you forgot to grab some while prepping for Easter try using a combination of fresh garlic and dried herbs to flavor the meat instead. 

If You Don't Have: Ricotta Cheese


Emergency Solution: Cottage Cheese

It is traditional at an Italian Easter celebration to serve ricotta pie, however, if you find yourself on Easter morning without ricotta on hand, opt for cottage cheese instead.