What Your Wine Choice Says About You

Red or white? Your choice in wine says a lot about your personality, according to a new study
Wikimedia/ Hungry Girl

Love red wine? Learn what it says about you.

Red wine, or white? Your preference in wine (and drinks) says a lot about your social habits and personality, reveals new research. 

Granted, the study was commissioned by a group called French Wine with Style (an ad campaign from a French agricultural group, FranceAgriMer), and was only done in the U.K. on about 2,000 participants. Despite that, we still find the results to be pretty interesting. What the results said:

If you love red wine: You're more likely to have a degree, be married, and drink more frequently (about four glasses per week), the research says. Red wine drinkers make some substantial money, and enjoy spending it (perhaps on some expensive red wine). They're a bit more relaxed than white wine lovers, and enjoy traveling. You may describe yourself as "confident, relaxed, strong, and intelligent."

If you love white wine: You may not be married, but you're "happily single." You may not have the same high-level jobs as red wine drinkers, but you're less likely to be interested in moving up the corporate ladder. You enjoy spending time at home, rather than traveling the world. You may describe yourself as "practical, bright, shy, quiet, and reserved."

If you love rosé wine: You may describe yourself as "loud, warm, and charming." You may not be married, but you're in a happy relationship

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Do you fit the types of a red, white, or rosé drinker? Tell us your thoughts!