What Your Drink Says About Your Relationship Status

A drink for every stage of your relationship

By this point, you should all be well aware that what you order to drink on a date can be very telling. Are you an easy-going, can-hang-with-the-guys, Bud Light type of girl? Or are you trying to convince her you're just like Don Draper by going with the retro-chic Old-Fashioned?

But what about your drink selection on all the occasions after those first, fateful get-togethers — what do those beverage choices say about your relationship status? Whether you're you in the honeymoon stage drinking fizzy lambrusco or you are sobbing over a blowout fight with a vodka straight up, there's a fitting drink for every stage of your dating life.

Read on for our take on the life cycle of a relationship as seen through your drink choice.

— Chiara Atik, HowAboutWe...


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