What We’re Loving: The iFork

Something so simple and genius we wish we thought of it

In addition to how useful it is, the iFork Flatware can also be used as decorations for the holidays.

We’ve all gone to restaurants before and spotted dirty tables. It’s more than just dust: it’s the leftover food or spilled drinks that haven’t been cleaned up properly. Asking ask for new silverwareis not a good way to start the night. Even at home you flateware is questionable. After you eat, it can turn into quite the mess after you put down the fork you’ve used to dig through your food on a clean surface.

Now, thanks to the iFork, we can put aside our worries and time. The iFork is so simple and practical; we don’t know why no one’s thought of it before! It’s a stainless steel utensil with a round ball placed on the back crease so the utensil sits on the ball, not the surface.

So, where did this idea come from? Like us, Lindsey McNeil, a representative from the company, has her own share of problems with utensils. She said the iFork line came from “noticing everyday problems like dirtying up our counters and tables as food was on our flatware from cooking and dining. McNeil wanted flatware to “rise above the surface.”

She says that the iFork “avoids staining your surfaces and prevents any surface germs that live on counters and table tops from getting onto your utensils and into your mouth.”

It can also be used to decorate your table. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or the upcoming holidays, you can set your table with the iFork stackable line of flatware for an interest presentation.

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Their website is launching later this month, so you can get your hands on your own set just in time for the holidays.