What’s for Dinner? Family Time

Study finds most families still eat dinner together
family dining
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family dining

When it comes to suppertime, many families still gather together to dine, with 34 percent saying they eat dinner together seven nights a week and a whopping 75 percent reporting that they eat together as a family four or more nights a week, according to the Welch's Kitchen Table Report whose results were reported by Live Science.

Some 71 percent of the parents and guardians of children under 18 interviewed for the report said their families eat together as much or more than they did growing up.

The study also looked at where families gather to dine. Some 68 percent of respondents said they eat most meals and snacks together at the kitchen table, while three-quarters of respondents said they eat in the kitchen, and 18 percent said they eat on the couch. Three percent said they eat on the go and 3 percent said they eat in a restaurant or fast-food chain.

Some 864 parents and guardians were interviewed for the survey last fall, with 84 percent citing mealtimes and snack times with the family as their favorite part of the day.

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