What a Café Looks Like From the Barista's Point of View

Toronto's best baristas show us how coffee is really done

Despite how friendly your local Starbucks employees are, working at a coffee shop is anything but relaxing. You're constantly on your feet, getting orders, making change, and remembering what goes in every type of drink, ever.

Casa Acoreana, a coffee shop in Toronto, released this video from the point of view of one of their baristas, a particularly cheerful guy who does everything above, including answering questions about coffee sizes, saying thank you for tips, and even taking the time to bring out a coffee to a lady with a guide dog.

The video offers up smart barista tips, like being nice to your customers who order a red eye because they either have a very long day ahead of them, or just finished a very long day. There's plenty of cleaning out the espresso maker, tips about what to do with leftover milk (use in hot chocolate; never throw away milk), and how to maximize your time behind the counter (foam your milk first so it has time to cool). Watch all 13 minutes below to feel strangely stressed out as you see what it's like to be a barista for a day.


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