The Best Coffee Shops in Toronto

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The Toronto coffee scene has exploded recently and on every corner of the city there seems to be an "indie coffee shop" that's popping up.

Despite the popularity of this "third wave" of coffee shops, which ones are really the best and worth visiting over and over again?

Read on to find out what the Best Coffee Shops in Toronto are.

Te Aro Coffee Roasters

Based out of the neighbourhood of Leslieville, Te Aro Coffee Roasters are becoming a burgeoning coffee empire based in this quaint neighbourhood.  They are passionate about their coffee, to the extent that they roast them themselves, but not only that, they also make a mean cup of coffee through various brew methods.

Crema Coffee Company

Another powerhouse with 4 locations scattered throughout the city, Crema Coffee Co has made major inroads to improving the Toronto coffee scene one neighbourhood at a time.  Sourcing their beans from various roasters around the world, their main supplier is 49th Parallel based out of Vancouver, Canada.

Mercury Espresso Bar

The first "third-wave" indie coffee shop to grace the neighbourhood of Leslieville,  their formula for success is simple "Coffee and Rock 'n Roll." They only have one location and intend to keep it that way.  Having their Synesso Cyncra 3-group espresso as the centrepiece of their corner cafe, they have a loyal following and were the first to pioneer the cold brew method to create Toronto's only "coffee pop."

Dark Horse Espresso Bar

One of the juggernauts of Toronto's coffee scene with 4 locations throughout Toronto's most vibrant neighbourhoods, Dark Horse has pushed the envelope by providing a beautifully crafted decor, and equally delicious coffee.  They use a mixture of Detour Coffee as well as 49th Parallel.

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