15 American Holiday Traditions We Don’t Realize Are Weird

These American customs totally confuse people abroad

When one normally thinks of American holiday culture, we tend to think of things that have been passed down from generation to generation. It seems like nearly everything for the holidays from how we decorate and how we celebrate to how we eat has come from another country and another time. But despite our German Christmas trees, English holiday meals, and cookies from all around the world, America does have its own holiday traditions. And they’re weird.

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It’s easy to fall back on the commercialization of Christmas in America, and that is bizarre. No matter how much of an annual tradition it may be, there is nothing normal about Black Friday or exchanging presents on Hanukkah. Those are purely American traditions. And despite many meals that are rooted across the pond, there are some distinctive American holiday dishes. You’ll be hard-pressed to find eggnog around the world, but this boozy and eggy beverage is a must-have at every American holiday party.

So pop in a Christmas movie (or turn on the yule log), pull that fruitcake out of the back of your closet, and click here to check out American holiday traditions that are actually really, really strange.