'The Walking Dead' Cocktail Party

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Host a 'Walking Dead' cocktail party to welcome back the show for its 3rd season
AMC's "The Walking Dead"

After a record-breaking premiere in 2011, AMC’s The Walking Dead finally returned on Sunday, continuing its characters' quests to stay alive. In a world overrun by zombies, it might be difficult to sit down for a nice dinner, but one could definitely use a drink. If you want to party like a zombie-attack survivor, here are some ideas for your own Walking Dead cocktail party.

A must have drink are Zombies. Also, take a look at these fun Halloween-themed cocktails for more inspiration.

The food of choice for Zombies are brains. You can draw  inspiration from this love of brains for your appetizers and serve brain-flavored dishes, similar to what The Gory Gourmet Food Truck of London did. Or, for the less adventurous, create a playful twist on some of your favorite appetizers.

  • Skewered Heart: Grilled beef on a "spear" in your favorite marinade
  • Severed Fingers: Pigs in a blanket
  • Bloody Eyeballs: Small mozzarella balls with an olive slice in a shallow bowl of marinara sauce
  • Salty Bones: Take a tube of refrigerated breadstick dough and form it into the shape of small bones, sprinkle on a bit of course salt, then bake and serve

To end things on a sweet note, have some eyeball-decorated cupcakes for dessert.

As we gear up for the start of the third season, indulge your zombie cravings with a The Walking Dead-themed cocktail party. Follow these easy tips to make your cocktail party come to life… again. Then, leave your guests wanting more by gifting them with a Meal Ready to Eat and zombie-inspired breath mints.

And if a zombie apocalypse is indeed our future, then this map of how to find food afterwards will be our most useful tool!

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