'Map of Dead' Helps You Find Food in Zombie Apocalypse

The Google Map-like tool indexes supplies in your area — plus danger zones

A close-up of The Daily Meal's offices in Manhattan on the "Map of the Dead." (In the danger zone.)

Start stockpiling those Twinkies and non-perishables now — a new online tool can help you plan ahead for a zombie apocalypse and where to find supplies.

The "Map of the Dead" from Doejo looks like a more dangerous Google Map; the geo-based tool identifies where the closest grocery stores, convenience stores, and liquor stores (very important) are to you, should the Walking Dead suddenly come to life. Other "Map of the Dead" spots include gun stores, cemeteries, schools, outdoor stores, and police stations. More importanly, the map also identifies where the "danger zones" are, which are defined as areas with large man-made structures, which therefore will result in more zombies. (Manhattanites, you're screwed.)

Right now the site can be printed for hard use (because computers and phones can't work during an apocalypse, right?). WIRED reports that more features — like more location types and user-generated content — are in the works. For now, study up on what food supplies are by you — you never know.