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35 Vintage Holiday Recipes for a Classic Christmas Meal

As some retro festive flair to your meal this Christmas with these classic recipes

During the holidays, tradition tends to dictate an awful lot. From decorations and holiday cookies to the dinner menu, everyone loves the sense of familiarity that comes with tradition. Of course, there’s always room for new holiday festivities, but that’s not to say that they can be filled with the same nostalgia for time gone by.

35 Vintage Holiday Recipes for a Classic Christmas Meal Gallery

Like most things, recipes come and go, and what’s trendy and in vogue one year might be totally off-limits a year, two years or even a decade later. That’s not to say that some retro dishes aren’t well worth making. After all there’s more to vintage recipes than aspic, banana garnishes and mayonnaise, right?

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From roasted goose and beef Wellington to trifle, spoonbread and oysters Rockefeller, these recipes aren’t necessarily unheard of, but are certainly old-timey recipes that are perfect for a classic Christmas meal.