VIDEO: A-Z Food Tries Georgian Cuisine

The team tackles khinkali, giant dumplings filled with meat. Yes
A-Z Food: Georgia

On our A-Z London tour, for the letter G we are visiting the cuisine of the country Georgia

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About A-Z Food: In this video series, Alastair Humphreys and Tom Kevill-Davies eat around London to find one restaurant from a nation for each letter of the alphabet. Check out A-Z Food: France here.

London travelers Humphreys and Kevill-Davies take on Georgian cuisine next, a type of food often raved about by their friends. On the menu at Tamada, a Georgian restuarant in northwest London, were ispanaxi (steamd mashed spinach with onions), sacivi (chicken in walnut sauce), and khachapuri, a cheese-filled griddle-baked flatbread. But the best dish? Khinkali, giant flour dumplings filled with minced pork, beef, onions, and herbs, housing a broth that requires careful eating. Read the full review here.


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