VIDEO: A-Z Food Features France

About A-Z Food: In this video series, Alastair Humphreys and Tom Kevill-Davies eat around London to find one restaurant from a nation for each letter of the alphabet. Check out A-Z Food: Eritrea here.

Sure, choosing France as their letter F was a bit predictable, but as the A-Z Food team explains in their review, a food list of London probably wouldn't have any validity if French food wasn't on it. Thus, Humphreys and Kevill-Davies make their way to the laid-back bistro Terroir in London.

The food involved pork and pistachio terrine, plus dishes from the mountains in the East, including a boudin noir (pigs' blood sausage), roasted pork belly, and a fried duck egg. A potato, bacon and Rebolchon cheese gratin was also served, all with a glass of wine. Head on over to the A-Z Food website for the full review.

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