VIDEO: Kevin Sbraga Dishes on His New 'Top Chef' Menu

The season 7 winner chats about what to expect at his restaurant, Sbraga, in Philadelphia
Kevin Sbraga on His Restaurant and Revisiting Top Chef

The Top Chef Season 7 Winner discusses a new dinner series and future plans

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The Daily Meal's video producer, Ali Rosen, caught up with Kevin Sbraga, winner of Top Chef season seven and chef-owner of Sbraga restaurant in Philadelphia, to talk about exciting changes to his restaurant and teaming up with fellow Top Chef cheftestant Angelo Sosa for a special event.

Sbraga is the chef's first restaurant venture; it opened in Philadelphia in 2011 — the fare is modern American and the intimate space seats only 60 diners at a time. To give back to his fans from the show who are now dining at the restaurant, Sbraga wanted to give them an opportunity to taste the food that helped him win Top Chef. "For the first time we wanted to be able to give back and really connect with the fans," he says. "And the best way to do it was to prepare a meal from Top Chef. So for about three weeks during the month of August we're going to run the menu from the Top Chef finale."

"Reliving the win is one thing, but also revisiting the dishes — they're almost two years old now — so it's going to be exciting to go back and look at those recipes and be able to work them because it's not going to be exactly the same, says Sbraga. "I'm never one to just leave it alone; it has to be bigger and better."

With regards to what's coming up on the horizon at Sbraga, the chef explains that "right now it's about focusing on the Chef's Counter, focusing on the holidays. We have some special guest chefs coming in from the show, like Angelo Sosa, Jen Carroll, Mike Isabella, so we're going to do dinners with them and maybe some others. And who knows? There may be another restaurant in the future, but right now we're dealing with Sbraga."