Valentine's Day Romance, Fast-Food Style

Because nothing says 'I Love You' like a drive-thru window

With Valentine's Day less that 24-hours away, love is certainly in the air. Boyfriends and girlfriends are putting last-minute embellishments on their thoughtful gifts, and loved ones are scouring stores for leftover Conversation Hearts and limited-edition candies.

Traditionally, Valentine's Day has been a popular holiday for popping the question, or for newly budding couples to take their relationship to the next level. For years now, White Castle has cornered the market on fast-food Valentine's Day experiences, but this year Pizza Hut is getting in on the action with their $10,010 Engagement Party Package. As The Daily Byte reported, the package includes a red ruby ring, fireworks, limo service, flowers, videography, photographer, and a $10 Dinner Box (consisting of a medium pizza, five breadsticks, and 10 iced cinnamon sticks). 

Valentine's Day isn't the only time of year that couples celebrate their love at fast-food venues. In fact, some engaged duos are "booking" their favorite burger and hot dog spots for their nuptuals. After all, nothing shows everlasting love like a Big Mac and fries. 

Pizza Hut Offering a Proposal Package

Proposal flash mobs are getting old, so Pizza Hut is offering a proposal package until Valentine's Day.The deal? $10,010 for a red ruby ring, fireworks, limo service, flowers, videography, photographer, and a $10 Dinner Box, obviously.

Fast-Food Weddings

News that several McDonald's in Hong Kong have started taking bookings for weddings has spread quickly. But as an MSNBC story noted, McWeddings aren't completely new. In 2006, a couple wed at a McDonald's in Ohio, and in 2007 another couple did the same thing in North Dakota.

Watch a Video Proposal Asking Shake Shack to Cater a Wedding

A groom-to-be really wanted Shake Shack to cater his wedding, so he created this cute video listing all the reasons that they should help him out.


White Castle Knows How to Do Romantic

Reservations are available now (and according to White Castle, going fast), with offers of a free dessert and downloadable photo. The "hot and steamy" Valentine's Day event starts Feb. 14 at 5 p.m. We’re sure the couple who got hitched there a while back will attend.