Fast Food Weddings

Would you like to supersize that 'I do'?

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News that several McDonald's in Hong Kong have started taking bookings for weddings has spread quickly. Faster even perhaps than rumors about McRibs being sold at select locations before their nationwide November 2nd launch. But as an MSNBC story noted, McWeddings aren't completely new. In 2006, a couple wed at a McDonald's in Ohio, and in 2007 another couple did the same thing in North Dakota. In fact, it's not a trend that's limited to McDonald's. Some other notable nuptial nuggets:


Waffle House Wedding: The infamous Waffle House wedding made the rounds a few years ago with images of wedding bands set in waffles and the groom putting on his tie in the parking lot.


White Castle Wedding: Everyone knows about the Valentine's Day promotion, but this couple went next level by having their wedding ceremony there. There was even a burger cake. Kurby and Krystal McDonald. That's right, McDonald. You can't make this stuff up.



Taco Bell Wedding: Paul Brooks convinced his Australian bride, Caragh to get married at a Taco Bell in Illinois. Employees supposedly displayed hot sauce packets labeled with the words "Will you marry me?" They were presented with a taco bell wedding cake by Julie Chen on the Early Show.


Bumpers Wedding: Leedel and Barbara Murrium married at Bumpers in South Jackson, Miss. Barbara had worked at the restaurant for two years and decided to hold the wedding there to save money after her boss suggested the idea. “South Jackson still has good in it,” she told “We and Bumpers are here to stay.”


Of course the precursor to all this is the proposal-- and that has been done fast food style too:


Drive-Thru Proposal:  This guy proposed to his girlfriend at a drive-thru (is that a Coolatta behind the car?), and ended his proposition with, “Your total comes to I love you.”


Virtual Fast Food Proposal: People who aren't real are even getting proposed to at fast food joints. On Sims 3 a man proposes to his girlfriend while his phone rings. Apparently, even in the virtual world things happen at the most inopportune moments.


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