White Castle Knows How to Do Romantic

Get your White Castle reservations for Valentine's Day while you can

Looking to have a really special Valentine’s Day? Head over to White Castle, where things will be heating up (Personal table service! Romantic décor!).

Reservations are available now (and according to White Castle, going fast), with offers of a free dessert and downloadable photo. The "hot and steamy" Valentine's Day event starts Feb. 14 at 5 p.m. We’re sure the couple who got hitched there a while back will attend; they’ll show you the ropes of fine dining.

While the mini-burger kingdom probably isn’t at the top of your take-your-special-someone-to-dinner list, it sure beats paying a $75 cancellation fee at pricier joints if your plans change. You know, just in case a hard-to-get reservation opens up at Popeyes.

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