UPDATE: San Francisco Coffee Shop Also Wants You to Stop Posting the 'Hipster' Sign to Instagram

After its 'hipster ban' was seen around the world, Four Barrel Coffee is still over it

The sign in question bans you from posting this sign on Instagram. (But this is in Instagram.)

Surely you remember our friends at Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco, who so lovingly "reminded" their customers that "hipster topics," like who you slept with the night before, were off-limits? They're back with a new warning: no more Instagram. 

The sign, which was posted first by a reddit user and then spread through the Internet, had to be amended with a new reminder to "not post this on Instagram, you hipster." (Because it's somewhat ironic to Instagram a hipster-banning sign, no?) Of course, Four Barrel went later to Twitter to clarify that they weren't banning all Instagram photos — a sigh of relief for those latte art lovers — by tweeting, "Instagram away, folks — just don't forget to drink the coffee afterwards..." 

The coffee shop also said on Twitter that they knew the sign was just begging to be made fun of by hipsters and hipster-haters alike: we just can't believe one coffee shop is going against what we presume is their beloved customer.