San Francisco Coffee Shop Bans 'Hipster Topics'

Four Barrel Coffee Shop put up a sign that offended the world (well, mostly hipsters)

Four Barrel is putting the kabosh on your hipster shenanigans.

We thought coffee shops were supposed to be a hipster haven, no? Why else would La Colombe put their cold brew in a vintage soda machine? Turns out, one San Francisco coffee shop has had it with your hipster talk. 

A tipster sent SFist a picture of Four Barrel's new sign in the back alley coffee window, posting rules for coffee consumers. While most of the rules are pretty legitimate (looking out for traffic, being respectful of neighbors' noise tolerance, and keeping the alley clear of trash seems reasonable), there's one rule that stands out. As the final rule reads: "Not talking about annoying hipster topics. Or who you f***ed last night. You shouldn't do that anyhow, but our neighbors actually can hear you."

Well, that sure rules out a lot of conversation topics. But Gawker has put together a list of appropriate topics to discuss: contact lenses, tricycles, twill-cotton blends, Beyoncé, beards (the disapproval of), and Paul Ryan. That'll make for some fun! Are coffee shops going too far by banning hipster talk — or encouraging it?