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20 Unforgettable Cruises to Say Bon Voyage to Summer

There’s no better way to wind down the summer and sail into autumn than relaxing on a cruise

Summer is nearing its end. While that fact might make you sad, it’s no reason not to celebrate and say goodbye with a big party on a boat.

As fall doesn’t begin until September 22, you still have time to book and board a cruise for your family, a group of friends, just you and your partner, or even just you! With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out which cruises are worth it. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of cruises for you to peruse, so that you can find one that suits your interests and time constraints.

Click here for 20 Unforgettable Cruises to Say Bon Voyage to Summer.

You can join a smaller ship to explore the Amazon or simply board one of the largest in the world and take in multiple countries. Many cruises following the expected itineraries to and from Pacific or Caribbean islands, but we’ve also found a few that cover multiple parts of Europe and even East Asia. Whether you’re looking for a trip that’s over two weeks long or you’ve only got a few days, here are 20 cruises to help you end summer on a high note.

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