World's Wildest Dining Slideshow

Cannibalistic Sushi (Japan)

Tokyo's Cannibalistic Sushi is the closest Hannibal Lector fans should ever get to tasting human flesh. At this sushi spot, diners play an edible version of the classic board game Operation, dissecting a dough-made corpse filled with organ-shaped sushi that diners must fish out to eat. Upon incision, red sauce leaks from the body to give the illusion of blood. Both male and female corpses are available to order. 

Disaster Café (Spain)

For those desperate to shake things up with their dining, Disaster Café in Lloret de Mar will not disappoint. Simulating 7.8 earthquakes throughout meal service, customers are challenged to balance their appetites for adventure while resisting the urge to duck and cover.

Staff don construction hard hats and serve dishes on heavy-weight plates that resist spillage. Disaster strikes when the lights go out, guests start screaming, and the ground begins to tremble. Thrill seekers are in for a rocky treat!

Hajime (Thailand)

Bangkok's Hajime Restaurant has eating down to a science. This high-tech buffet offers touch-screen ordering and robot waiters dressed as samurais. Punch in your order and countdown the minutes on the screen until robots appear with trays of food.

At any given moment, robots are known to break out into fits of dance, parading down conveyor belts that lead to the kitchen. Most food is presented uncooked, left to the devices of customers to whip up according to their preference on the steamers and grills stationed at the tables.

Carton King (Taiwan)

Arts and crafts lovers everywhere champion Carton King's knack for cardboard creativity. Located in Taichung, Carton King's mission is to elevate the conventional use of cardboard as packaging and pioneer designs for upscale paper-ware.

This DIY restaurant prides itself on one-of-a-kind cardboard décor, recycling old paper into artistic and eclectic recreations of furniture, famed monuments, and animals. Walk through a garden of cardboard trees, flowers, plants, windmills, and bumblebees, stopping to admire papered versions of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower.

Diners sit on cardboard chairs, eat at cardboard tables, and are served with cardboard serving trays, bowls, and cups. Drinks are served in cardboard cartons that double as piggy banks once the drink is consumed and the inner lining removed. The restaurant's gift shop and showroom also sell an array of cardboard products such as Christmas trees, clocks, lamps, and stools that guests can take home and assemble themselves.

DS Music (Taiwan)

While most people have a fear of hospitals, those feeling under the weather can flock to DS Music for a dose of doctor-themed dining in Taipei. Relax and recuperate under the care of uniform-clad nurses who serve dish after dish of hospital food that won't leave you cringing but rather rejuvenated by its fusion of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisine.

Restaurant lighting is provided by the glow of X-ray machines and large parties are invited to sit in the exclusive, curtained-off intensive care unit. Seating consists of hospital bed-style lounges and wheelchairs that guests recline on while being fed their drinks through IV drips that hang from the ceiling.

Hello Kitty Sweets (Taiwan)

Hello Kitty Sweets is a perfectly pink paradise in Taipei for members of the girly feline cartoon cult. Bows, lace, and meows adorn the space and the waitresses seat guests in booths shaped like Hello Kitty's head.

Most of the humdrum menu of Western fare is Hello-Kitty centric and most dishes come with Hello Kitty shaped sweets, garnishes, and icings.

Dick's Last Resort (United States)

Those without thick skins should tread lightly when going for a meal at Dick's Last Resort. This American chain of 12 restaurants intentionally employs over-the-top and obnoxious waitstaff that give their patrons one hell of an "interactive" dining experience.

Ironically, this spot was originally intended as an upscale fine dining eatery, but now prides itself on its bottom-of-the-barrel appeal. Customers are encouraged to accept waiter's insults without personal offense by donning hats that bear wacky slogans such as "I stuff my bra" and "Rogaine sucks." 

The menu hosts a slew of provocatively named dishes such as pork bonerz, raspberry dicksuckle, and the big woody. For guests who can't get enough of the fun, souvenirs from the gift shop include gems, such as Real Women Love Dick's T-shirts and I Love Dick's bumper stickers.

Ka-Tron Flying Chicken (Thailand)

Bangkok's Ka-Tron Flying Chicken is known for its poultry, but not for the reason guests would think. At this spot, cooked chickens are set on fire, catapulted across a stage, and caught by waiters balanced on unicycles who wear skewers protruding from their mouth and helmets. Once caught, the flaming foul is served on a bed of salad and then is presented for diners to enjoy.

Conflict Kitchen (Pennsylvania)

Conflict Kitchen serves up street food eats exclusively from countries the United States is currently engaged in conflict with from its takeout-only restaurant in Pittsburgh.

Every six months, the storefront rotates identities to showcase a new country and its cuisine and encourage diners to openly discuss political and cultural issues. Each takeout container is covered with interview-based wrappers highlighting the conversations and debates going on within the region.

The present menu is titled Cocina Cuba, offering congri, black beans and rice, lechon as ado, roast pork in mojo marinade, yuca con moj, boiled yuca in garlic sauce, and an enselada de vegetales, vegetable salad. Past menus have offered the culinary creations of Iran, Afghanistan, and Venezuela, and the upcoming menu will feature foods from North Korea.

Les Princesses (Canada)

Les Princesses in Montreal has nude waitresses. Need we say more?

Brainwash (California)

Most people dread the long hours of waiting, washing, and folding on laundry day. San Francisco's Brainwash has found the antidote to the laundry day blues. This Laundromat café allows guests to enjoy a tasty meal while emptying their hampers or waiting for their clothes to dry.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all on the menu, so guests can wash away their hunger at any time of day. Try themed dishes like wash load nachos, flat iron chicken sandwich, or the savory wash day blues pancake breakfast. Other plates include fish tacos, burgers, quesadillas, and salads. Brainwash also offers a professional laundry, dry cleaning, and folding service for those who wish to enjoy their meal without the extra hassle.

The Apartment (Indonesia)

Jakarta's The Apartment adds new meaning to the term homestyle cooking. Decorated with the furniture and layout of an everyday living space, guests are invited to put their feet up and enjoy their meals in a place that mirrors the comforts of their own homes.

Rooms for eating include the living room, dining room, the pantry, the bedroom, and terrace, and a bathroom equipped with a Jacuzzi. The menu features signature dishes, such as the black-bun burger, spicy spaghetti, and prime rib.

Nekorobi Cat Café (Japan)

Cat cafés are a booming fad in Tokyo, where patrons pay to sip their coffees with the company of a purring feline. There are cat toys scattered throughout the space so customers can enjoy some pet therapy by playing with kitties that come from an array of pedigrees. Sessions cost about $10 an hour.

Tang Du Zoology (Taiwan)

This Taipei restaurant inhabits an indoor wildlife habitat that spans an arena three football fields in length. Diners co-habitate with critters, such as fish, crocodiles, seals, and birds amid a backdrop of waterfalls and tree canopies. As there is no physical menu, guests choose their meals from aquariums of seafood, hanging meats, and even hives of live bugs. Adventurous eaters will swoon at the selection of snacks which includes dishes like bear paw, crickets, and live scorpion.

The Third Floor (Thailand)

Food based on blood type may not come to mind when ordering dinner. However, The Third Floor in Bangkok champions a blood-based concept that is more holistic than gruesome.

The restaurant's mission comes from the theory that blood type is a defining factor in human personality traits and therefore certain meals will yield greater health benefits for those of certain blood types. Those with an O blood type are encouraged to maintain a high-protein and low-carb diet while blood type B's are recommended to consume more dairy products, and blood type A's should be vegetarians. Who knew?

Alice in Wonderland (Japan)

Fall down the rabbit hole and relive one of childhood's most beloved fairytales at Tokyo's Alice in Wonderland. This restaurant is decorated in a series of replicated scenes from Lewis Carroll's psychedelic world that includes a Mad Hatter Tea Party room, playing-card soldiers, heart-shaped chandeliers, and a magical forest.

Guests sit at playing card tables in giants tea-cup shaped booths and are served by waitresses dressed as different versions of Alice. Dishes are served on chess boards and feature treats like the "Cheshire Cat tail pizza" and the "Green Caterpillar sushi roll."

Count Dracula Club (Romania)

This vampire-themed restaurant in Bucharest revels in all things spooky and Transylvanian. Blood-stained walls, dim candlelight, capes, and white face makeup are in store for guests who dare to dine with Bram Stocker's Dracula. The Count himself tours guests through haunted spaces like the medieval room, the hunting room, and the alchemical bar where hands are known to fly out of walls and impaled heads are used as decoration.

Titanic Theatre Restaurant (Australia)

Sail back in time to the last supper aboard the Titanic, hosted by Titanic Theatre Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. Whether seated in steerage, first class, or at the über-upscale captain's table, relive how passengers wined and dined on the most famous ship of the 20th century.

As the meal progresses, a cast of performers broadcast iceberg warnings and even mimic the ship getting fatally hit. Luckily, guests are rescued by the Carpathia and brought safely to the shores of the restaurant's dance floor after they've cleaned their plates.

Quaker Steak & Lube (United States)

Quaker Steak & Lube will rev the engines of all those hungry for motor-themed meals. A franchise with outposts in 21 states originally began in response to the 1973 oil crisis.

The concept for this chain of restaurants centers on preserving the culture of vintage gas stations and high-performance muscle cars. The interior is plastered with automobile paraphernalia such as old car parts, license plates, and motorcycles. For those who can handle their heat, dare to taste the Triple Atomic Hot Sauce, which is so fiery customers must sign a liability waiver in order to ingest.

Lockup (Japan)

Tokyo's Lockup is a disturbing destination for diners with jail fetishes. Guests are treated as prisoners and locked into cells where they are handcuffed and order to wait for their meals.

The atmosphere is dark, cold, and spooky, augmented by secret doors, winding passageways, fake electrocution demonstrations, and sporadic cacophonies of screams. When the inevitable need for a stiff drinks arises, order up concoctions, such as the Electric Shock, the Cloning Experiment, and the Human Experiment.

McDonald's (New Mexico)

This UFO-themed McDonald's is the destination for extraterrestrial enthusiasts hungry for fast food. With a chrome exterior, neon lights, and a flying-saucer shaped roof, this joint is stationed in the town made famous by the 1947 Roswell UFO incident, where an alien spacecraft allegedly crashed with extraterrestrials on board. Those eating in can fly around a spaceship-decorated interior, while those at the drive-thru can check out a mural of Ronald McDonald rocketing through a carton solar system.

A380 In Flight Kitchen (Taiwan)

Capitalize on those frequent flier miles by becoming a frequent flyer at A380 In-Flight Kitchen in Taipei. This airline-inspired restaurant separates passengers into first, business, and economy classes complete with waitresses dressed as stewardesses pushing metal trolleys and directing diners to emergency exits.

Prepare to take off into a dining experience that is a considerable upgrade from traditional airplane fare. Fois gras and filet mignon are among the treats to be enjoyed. Jet-setters, fasten your seat belts!

Eternity (Ukraine)

Those prone to claustrophobia should think twice before eating at Eternity in Truskavets. Located within a massive, windowless coffin, Eternity provides the ideal setting for those who wish to dine with death. Decorated with funeral wreaths, life-sized coffins, and black shrouds, the interior alone is morose enough to put diners in a deadly mood.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)

Dive below sea level and dine with the fishes at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant located underneath Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Submerged 16 feet beneath the Indian Ocean, the restaurant is encased in a sphere of transparent acrylic that grants guests a spectacular close-up view of marine wildlife swimming across a vibrant coral reef.

A six-course dinner menu is available for $320, and features savory seafood dishes such as raw yellow fin tuna cubes, grilled sand lobster, and seared line-caugh reef fish. This underwater world cost $5 million to build and survived the devastating tsunami that follow the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. At lunchtime, the sun shines through the waves so brightly that guests are encouraged to wear sunglasses as they enjoy their meals.

Snow Village Ice Bar (Finland)

Bundle up and experience the undeniable cool factor of the Snow Village Ice Bar in Finland. Each winter, more than 3 million pounds of snow and 600,000 pounds of crystallized natural ice are sculpted to create Snow Village, which is home to a snow hotel, two restaurants, and a slew of wintertime activities.

At Ice Bar, slip and slide at the igloo disco or order a round of drinks served in ice glasses. Popular dishes include Reindeer fillet, though a variety of meat and fish such as elk, beef, trout, and salmon is also available. Temperature inside the restaurants hovers between 23 and 28 degrees Fahrenheit so make sure you remember your mittens before your brave this winter wonderland!

Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky takes gastronomic getaways to new heights, literally, as guests are treated to a sky high meal suspended 150 feet in the air. This unique, vertigo-inducing culinary expedition has traversed the skies of more than 40 countries, dangling above spots like Jardins des Tuileries in Paris, the valleys of Villa Borghese in Italy, and the Las Vegas strip.

Surrealist in concept, Dinner in the Sky offers the unique opportunity to elevate daily activities, such as lunching and brunching, meeting and greeting, and drinking and dining. Enjoy soaring views, intimate interactions with the chef, and and an aerial atmosphere that raises the standard of adventurous eats.

Kayabukiya Tavern (Japan)

This traditional Tokyo sake house gives a new meaning to the phrase "monkey business." Kayabukiya Tavern's waiters are monkeys dressed in apparel who wait tables, entertain, and bring hot towels. All monkeys work only two-hour shifts to say in line with animal rights regulations and are willing recipients of service tips in the form of boiled soy beans.

Cereality (Virgina, Texas, and West Virginia)

Boasting a menu of the world's favorite cereal brands and toppings, customers at Cereality are never stuck on what to have for breakfast. Pajama-clad "cerealogists" expertly mix, toss, and stir orders to provide guests with a tasty munch of the finest cereal creativity.

Choose your own concoctions or order up menu bites such as the S'More Than You Know, a combination of Golden Grahams, Coco Puffs, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips, or the PB & B Crunch, a mixture of Reese's Puffs, Cap'n Crunch, bananas, and chocolate syrup.

Healthier options include Health Kick, Cheerios, Special K, dried cranberries, and walnuts, and the Life Experience, which consists of Life cereal, fresh bananas, almonds, and honey. Coffees, juices, teas, oatmeal, parfaits, and refills of milk are also available.

The restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Richmond, Va., and Morgantown, W.Va, are modeled living room-style and are equipped with sofas and televisions, allowing customers maximum early morning comfort as they enjoy breakfast at any time of day.

Ali Barbour Cave Restaurant (Kenya)

Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant invites guests to dine 10 meters below ground in an ancient, naturally sculpted coral cave in Mombasa, Kenya. The cave itself is estimated to be between 120,000 and 180,000 years old and offers enchanting views of the night sky through an overarching open ceiling.

The menu offers a range of fresh seafood, such as lemon prawns simmered with coconut milk and grilled lobster tails with buttered mushroom potatoes. After a romantic, candlelit dinner, head over to Forty Thieves Beach Bar and sip down a nightcap while stargazing.

The Treehouse (Costa Rica)

Built around an impressive 60-year-old fig tree in Santa Elena, The Treehouse is a jungle-themed restaurant built for lovers of the great Costa Rican outdoors. The tree winds throughout the space, providing a woodsy, forest-like atmosphere and sheltering diners under a canopy of branches.

Costa Rican delicacies, such as casado, rice and beans, quesadillas, Costa Rican beers, and Latin American wines from Chile and Argentina are all on the menu for guests to sample.

El Diablo (Spain)

Located in the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain, El Diablo is the perfect destination for guests hungry for a meal packed with heat. El Diablo also offers panoramic views of Lanzarote's Timanfaya National Park which holds the rest of the area's Montañas del Fuego or "Fire Mountains." 

El Diablo cooks up all of its dishes over an active volcanic hole in the ground. Customers choose from a menu of meat and fish which chefs then roast over a grill blazing close to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Since a conventionally constructed grill could not withstand that power of that kind of heat, El Diablo's grill consists of nine layers of volcanic basalt rock.

The Safe House (Wisconsin)

Secrecy is the selling point of this Milwaukee restaurant hideaway. The Safe House is enclosed in a classified location and requires a password for entry. Those savvy enough to unlock the code are forbidden from divulging the information to any uninitiated diners (or "agents," as Safe House frequenters are titled).

Upon entry, agents are directed to the Interpol bar where drinks like the Spies Demise and the Great Spytini are shaken through a pneumatic tube system. The entire restaurant is a series of spy-themed rooms that house weapons, gadgets, and historical artifacts, such as a piece of the Berlin Wall, a KGB cell door from a former East Berlin prison, and a display of CIA Cold War paraphernalia.

Dishes such as the Soviet Defector, baby back pork ribs slow cooked in a spicy barbecue sauce, the'MI-5, a salmon and crabmeat stuffing drilled with dill beurre blanc, and the Jack Bauer, a flame-broiled sirloin baseball steak served with wild mushrooms and garlic crostini, are agent favorites.

Princess Heart (Japan)

At Princess Heart in Tokyo, all customers are considered royalty. Themed after the enchanting stories of famous Disney princesses, a magical fairytale land waits inside.

Heart-shaped chairs, a charmed forest, and a wizard's tree are among the lavish spectacles created to spellbind guests. Scenes from the classic tales of Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty are relived and infused throughout the space.

Trailer Park Lounge (New York)

Don your Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots and head over for some grub at New York City's Trailer Park Lounge. This kitschy tacky-tastic restaurant collects and proudly displays the best of red-neck traditions, including plastic flamingoes, beach chairs, velvet paintings, and a tiki bar.

8-Tracks play from jukeboxes in the background, beer is kept cool in a bathtub, and there's an actual trailer mounted on the wall. Backyard barbecue treats, such as burgers, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, chili, moon pies, and tater tots are all served on Styrofoam plates and bowls with disposable utensils. The menu also has wacky cocktail concoctions such as Jim Bob's IQ which is said to be so strong that it will "erase any previous sign of intelligence you might have had."