The 25 Wildest Airplane Stories of 2017

The 25 Wildest Airplane Stories of 2017

Just plane crazy!

Tens of thousands of feet in the air, in an enclosed space full of people who are often nervous, tired, and sometimes even drunk, flights can get wild. Amid all the controversy in travel this year, some moments in air travel made headlines purely because they were just so strange.

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Perhaps humans are just not meant to be in the air, particularly for long. While some passengers merely got kicked off of flights for throwing tantrums over being denied more Champagne, others became violent and dangerous. Some travelers got a little too frisky, creating some really awkward moments for their fellow passengers, whereas others caused heartwarming moments by giving the gift of life midair. A few nerve-wracking episodes occurred with plane malfunctions or mishaps that, luckily, ended up with everyone okay, if a little traumatized. The year 2017 had some absolutely terrifying airplane moments, as well as some that were just shocking or downright hilarious.  For stories that you just might not believe, check out the 25 wildest airplane stories of 2017.