Why Medellín Is a Great New Latin American Dining Destination

Heading to Colombia? Don’t pass this delicious city by

According to CNN, the Colombian city of Medellín is often called the City of Eternal Spring for its consistently comfortable climate, and that sounds pretty good to us right about now as we head into wintertime. But the weather isn’t the only draw for this hot and exciting destination. The cuisine is just as impressive: Chefs own and operate a variety of new restaurants in the city with ever-changing menus.

Specific restaurants play a large role in Medellín’s rise in popularity. One spot, Hatoviejo, specializes in traditional hearty dishes with pork, plantain, yucca, and corn, and its bandeja paisa plate consists of foods like chorizo, beef, beans, fried egg, and avocado.

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Another standout eatery in Medellín is Ocio. With a name that means “leisure time,” you’ll want to kick back, relax, and enjoy dishes here like pork with orange balsamic sauce and pastusa potatoes, as well as desserts like alfajor banana tempura with caramel ice cream and ricotta. And if you’re looking for a view as exemplary as the cuisine, try In Situ, a restaurant that serves dishes like sirloin steak with gooseberry chimichurri and a smoked salmon salad. Huge doors open up to reveal the restaurant’s garden palms and pond.