This Is The Weirdest Law In Your State

No one has time to go through every law in the country, state by state, to analyze what every law really means. By that same token, over time old laws tend to be ignored (or not as strictly enforced) due to changes in society's norms that make the law outdated. It may be more of a bother to change an old law — like how mispronouncing Arkansas is illegal in the state — than to simply decide not to strictly enforce it.

This Is The Weirdest Law in Your State Gallery

However, ignoring outdated laws also means there are some weird laws still on the books in many states — such as those that make bringing your horse to the Fountain Inn in South Dakota without pants or crossing state lines with a duck on your head in Minnesota illegal. But these aren't the only laws that made our list.

There are others that are still enforced, even some that have been recently implemented, that are just as strange as the ones already mentioned. For instance, due to the amount of grease theft happening in North Carolina, as of 2012 you can face felony charges for stealing more than $1,000 worth of grease. (And that's not even the one we selected as the state's weirdest law.) In West Virginia, meanwhile, it is specifically legal to take home road kill for supper. Find out what weird law your state has in our list of the weirdest laws in every state.

West Coast Editor Lily Rose and Daily Meal writer Bianca Bahamondes contributed to this report.