Neobio Kids Restaurant
Shao Feng/ Sunshine PR

There Is a Restaurant for Kids in Shanghai (and It Looks Like a Dollhouse)

A restaurant that will entertain your kid, long after they’ve finished eating

Kids often get the short end of the stick when it comes to dining out. Nine times out of 10, the little humans get dragged along (nearly) by the napes of their necks to a supposedly family-friendly restaurant to sit alongside adults when they would most likely rather be sleeping, drawing, or playing.

Finally, a young designer has stepped up to the plate and designed a restaurant from the ground up with kids in mind. Neobio Kids Restaurant, located in Shanghai, China, was designed by LI Xiang and her team. They say the inspiration for this location was a “colorful hot air balloons rising up from an ancient castle.”

Pastel “balloons” surround the room, capturing the castle-like atmosphere while bubbly, winding passageways connect a dream-like sandpit to a mountain of toys or balls. All these sub-areas connect in creative ways at different heights. It’s even tantalizing as an adult to want to venture into the unknown. If you are not feeling your inner Peter Pan, there are beautifully gilded benches and tables where parents can enjoy a coffee or pastry while their kids are off gallivanting.

Shao feng

Shao Feng


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It’s pretty much the perfect cross between Cinderella’s castle and Breakfast at Tiffany’s – a sublime playground that can cater to a child’s playtime needs as well as a parent’s retreat. For something closer to home, find some of the country’s best family-friendly restaurants here.

In the video below, Colman Andrews talks with Rich Melman, Rick Tramonto, and Doug Psaltis about the revamp of an iconic Chicago restaurant.