Quiz: Are You More Like a New York Pizza or a Chicago Deep-Dish?

The answer might make you question your whole life

You might have a strong preference between the two, but it's not necessarily the pizza you're most like

America loves pizza, and so it makes sense that one of the greatest American food rivalries of all time is between two of its favorite pies: the New York-style pizza and the Chicago deep-dish.

Originating in Italy, pizza took off in the United States when an immigrant from Naples founded the first American pizzeria in Manhattan’s Little Italy in 1905 and started making a hand-tossed pie with a large crust layered with light tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella Today, New York pizzas are a kind of fast food, with thick crusts and wide slices soft enough to fold in half. Of course, the New York-style pizza reigns throughout the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In fact, the New York Times' Pete Wells declared that the best New York pizza can be found in New Jersey. However, the style is still quite popular throughout the rest of the country.

The first Chicago deep-dish was most likely born at Pizzeria Uno in the 1940s. In contrast to its thin New York counterpart, the Chicago deep-dish has a very deep crust and kind of looks like a literal pie. Whereas New York pizza is traditionally eaten with just tomato sauce and cheese, the deep-dish is thick with toppings. The pie requires a longer baking period, so to prevent the cheese getting burned, the crust is first layered with cheese, then meat, then veggies, and then the uncooked tomato. All of this makes for a dish that’s very much a sit-down meal, rather than a quick bite on your way to back to work.

There are true hardliners on both sides of the eternal debate regarding which pizza is better, but we’re here to help you answer a different question: Which pizza reflects your personality? Take the quiz and find out: Are you more of a New York kind of pizza, or are you deep-dish like Chicago?