Original Disneyland Map Could Sell for $1 Million

This one-of-a-kind Walt Disney artifact will be auctioned soon and could end up selling for a hefty price

What the pricey Disney artifact looks like from up close. 

An original map of Disneyland, hand drawn by Walt Disney himself, has reemerged and is up for auction. The selling price on this original work? Potentially as much as $1 million.

Walt Disney felt it was crucial to have a visual representation of his ideas when he and his brother, Roy Disney, went on meetings to find the financial backing for this vision. So in 1953, Walt and a friend, film artist Herb Ryman, drew up this huge 3 1/2-foot-tall by 5 1/2-foot-wide map.

Once ABC agreed to fund Disneyland, two years went by and the map was seemingly forgotten when then-employee Grenade Curran saw the map in Walt Disney’s office and asked for it as a memento. Over 60 years later, this original concept for the park is a well preserved treasure and a Disney artifact like no other.


The map will be auctioned at Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks, California, in June, along with other Disneyland original items including costumes and props.