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15 Things Not to Do on a Disney Vacation

Before your next visit to Disney, take note and don’t make these common mistakes

Disney vacations can be quite the production. Not only is the planning stressful, but the parks themselves can be overwhelming and may seem like a challenge when traveling with children. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you frequent Disney, you probably already know the drill: Pack a bag with necessities and be ready to get out early; but if it’s your first time it is easy to be unprepared.

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Not to worry, we’re here to keep you from making those rookie mistakes. For starters, visiting during any holiday is a bad idea. To have the best experience — one in which the lines for rides don’t all exceed 90 minutes (trust us, this happens often) — you’ll want to go at an off time or a random weekend. During the summer, try going during the week as opposed to on a weekend.

Another quick tip: Don’t forget to pack easy snacks and a bottle of water. Your days at the park will be long, and it’s crucial that you stay hydrated and energized. Although  there are plenty of things that’ll make your Disney vacation run smoothly, also know that you’ll still have a magical time even if you forget to do (or to not do) these 15 things.

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