The 18 Weirdest, Wildest Restaurants Around the World

The 18 Weirdest, Wildest Restaurants Around the World

For those who like to keep things a little weird

Themed restaurants around the world are becoming all the rage — from the eccentric and the quirky to the zany and downright terrifying. Restaurants and bars don’t mind going the extra mile to give patrons an experience worth remembering. In Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan, a themed restaurant called Modern Toilet is built to resemble a restroom. You’ll sit on a toilet and eat from toilet bowls, urinals, and squat toilets, depending on what you order. It may seem like a disgusting concept for some, but it has proved to be such a popular theme that a similar eatery was created in Hong Kong. At one point there was even one in California called Magic Restroom Café that closed in 2014.

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We can’t guarantee the food is amazing at all of these weird and wild restaurants, but most are worth checking out for the experience alone. So if you’re looking for something a little different on your night out, take a look at these bizarre dining experiences around the globe. How many places would you try out of these weirdest, wildest restaurants around the world?

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Syjil AshrafBianca Bahamondes, and Serusha Govender contributed to this roundup.