Scenic Spots America

The Most Scenic Spot in Every State

America, the beautiful
Scenic Spots America

Every state is full of gorgeous scenery, but these spots are the absolute best for relaxation, romance, or even just a selfie.

One of the best parts of traveling is appreciating the beauty of your destination, and in America, there’s no shortage of stunning vistas, beautiful trails, and pretty towns in every state. While we may not have centuries worth of iconic landmarks like Europe does, our nation is known for its outstanding outdoor sights, particularly thanks to its many well-preserved national parks and reserves.

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As you’ll go through the country, however, you’ll find there’s more to American scenery than just national parks for picnicking and hiking. Lakes, farms, gardens, forests, and even some islands make for some of the most stunning scenery you can find. Whether you’re looking for an exciting destination, a spot for some much-needed meditation, or even some romance, beautiful scenery is always a good idea to put on your travel bucket list. Luckily for us Americans, we have enough for a fantastic road trip through the most scenic spots in every state.