What’s Your Favorite Drunk Food?

We want to know your craziest, grossest drunk food experiences

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Some drunk foods are delicious, while others are just gross.

The ultimate night out includes the following things: A solid pregame, a wide range of different kinds of drinking, a few rounds of shots, an embarrassing and drunken mistake that becomes a story to tell, and finally, a hefty meal. If you decide to drink to the point where you’re feeling more than tipsy by the end of the night, nothing is better than going all out and scarfing down a plate of food.

What’s Your Favorite Drunk Food? (Survey)

What is it about eating unhealthy food when you’re drunk that’s so amazing? Well, for starters, if your body is running off of nothing but booze all night, your cravings are just another way that it’s telling you it needs fuel that isn’t liquor.

Second, it’s easy to watch your weight and try to eat healthy when you’re sober, but when you’ve had one to many, all of your healthy-living morals go right out the window. By the time you’re drunk, you’ve already consumed a massive amount of toxins that aren’t good for your body to begin with, so why stop there? Tomorrow is a new day, but if the night isn’t over, it’s time to chow down.

Sometimes, you need to treat yourself — and what better time to do so than when you’re feeling tipsy with your best friends over a massive meal? Comfort food is always good, but for some reason, when you’re drunk, it’s that much better.

Not only do you stop caring about calories after a few beers, but you may also tend to go a little overboard with the crazy food combinations. French fries and mayonnaise? Sounds delicious. Ketchup on mac and cheese? Sure, why not? Though you may regret it in the morning, in the moment, any food is fair game.

Are your taste buds tingling? Tell us what foods you love to eat after a night out. Recalling a nasty food combination you’re embarrassed to admit to trying when a little tipsy? We’ve all been there — so why not share it?

Take our survey and tell us some of the most delicious, weirdest, or grossest foods you’ve eaten while you were drunk.


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